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Readers may recall in a previous post that Unum deliberately deducted an estimate from a client’s benefits for estimated SSDI. After two months of taking the estimate, Unum at first refused to stop the deduction and pay back what it took out-of-contract.

After several letters from my client requesting reimbursement and interest, Unum agreed to repay her for the estimates taken in error and actually paid interest on the amount over 30 days.

Make no mistake, Unum didn’t send the reimbursement without a fight, but in the end Unum agreed the estimate was taken in error. My client was properly advised by DCS as to her rights and provisions under her employer’s Plan, and she brought the proper arguments to Unum’s attention along with a copy of a complaint made to the State DOI.

After written notification, my client sent me the following email: “Unum deposited over $5,000 today in to my checking account! As usual, your advice concerning my policy paid off. Thank you, Linda, for properly advising me!”

While my opinion of Unum’s tactics isn’t changed, in the interest of fairness it’s only fitting that I recognize the claims specialist from Unum’s financial department who made good on the error.

At least for now, it seems as though even the bad guys can make things right!

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