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Anyone interested in keeping up with Unum’s involvement in the UK, should visit Mo Stewart’s new website:   www.mostewartresearch.co.uk

Mo Stewart’s research is instrumental in disclosing Unum’s involvement in British welfare programs seeking to abolish disability benefits by introducing the concept of “risk management” thereby limiting benefits to which UK citizens are entitled under its current socialized system.

In the last decade Unum’s strategies to allege Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other self-reported illnesses are not disabling have caused tremendous hardship, not only to Americans, but to those in Great Britain as well.

Mo Stewart’s accurate and well researched book documents the history of the welfare state as well as the detrimental influences of Unum and other corporate “robber barons” to stop disability and welfare benefits to those who are in need in Great Britain.

I highly recommend Mo’s website for those who are interested in reading about Unum’s global influence in the abolishment of welfare benefits in Great Britain.

Information concerning Mo’s well-written book, Cash Not Care: The Planned Demolition of the UK Welfare State,  is also located on her website.

Good luck, Mo!

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If you are interested in keeping up with the Unum – UK connections please see the article by Mo Stewart, a well-known researcher and writer in Great Britain.


Preventable Harm and the Work Capability Assessment


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News From Great Britain

A US Corporate Shadow Still Looms Over Welfare


Mo Stewart, a leading researcher from the UK continues her articles concerning Unum and the involvement of the US corporate establishment in the UK’s affairs. Those holding Unum’s IDI policies have not been happy with Unum’s involvement in their welfare programs.

Also, if you are interested in knowing more about Unum and the UK please check out Mo’s new book mentioned in the article.

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British FlagEver wonder what would happen to SSDI benefits if Unum was able to exert influence over SSA decisions? Think it couldn’t happen in the US?  Well, think again!

Mo Stewart’s newly published book, Cash Not Care: The Planned Demolition of the UK Welfare State is now available for purchase from Amazon. Although Americans might tend to disregard as unimportant to American interests, the book clearly points to Unum as a major player in influencing the management of disability claims.

Mo Stewart presents her research in a very skillful and readable style understandable internationally as a precedent setting demoralization of the disabled in Great Britain. Harmed by Unum’s persistent influence for over a decade, Mo outlines the destruction of the welfare state, the creation and discontinuance of ATOS, as well as Unum’s influence and monetary backing to encourage “risk management” of UK government entitlement programs.

I highly recommend this book to those who have an interest, but also to those who have the foresight to see what might be in store for American SSDI in the future.

For more information please see the links below:



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British FlagI am told there is growing interest and UK contact from US insureds regarding disability research and disability issues. Thanks to Mo Stewart for providing us with a link to sources of additional information for those who are interested.



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British FlagClaims handlers and others at Unum who may think all is well in the UK may want to read this link. If you have time, and have an interest in what is going on in the UK, please read. It’s an eye opener.





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UK Policies

British FlagDCS is currently looking for one or more copies of Unum’s “back-up plan” policies currently sold to employers in the UK. I know that many people in the UK read this blog and I’m hoping some of you can fax or email a copy of one of these plans. Information I currently have is that Unum UK denies most benefits under these plans and I am doing an audit project to find out why.

I think employees in Britain may be lacking a good audit of these Plans and may not be aware of the “stacked deck” against them. Any Unum disability plan sold to employees should be clearly understood by employees before they go out on disability. This goes for Plans sold in the UK as well as in America. In order to provide UK workers with accurate information about their Plans, I need a copy of some of the actual policies.

Please, if anyone in the UK can obtain a copy of Unum’s employer “back-up plan policies” sold in the UK to employers please email or fax to me as soon as your can.  Thanks.

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