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Unum insureds and claimants who have been harassed by Lucens and Unum for financial information resulting in alleged overpayments should contact the law firm below with your story.

It is my understanding this firm is preparing a class action lawsuit against Unum for alleging overpayments and several other issues.

Marcus A. Castillo, Esquire
Haas & Castillo, P.A.
Attorneys At Law
19321-C U.S. Hwy 19 N, Ste. 401
Clearwater, Florida 33764
(727) 535-4544 telephone
(727) 535-1855 facsimile

If you’ve received notification from Unum that you owe an overpayment after many years, please contact Attorney Castillo to lend your support.

Class action lawsuits can be a bit tricky, but please give your support to this law firm and his team who is willing to do something to stop Unum’s atrocities.


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This is just a reminder that September is the end of third-quarter profitability results for insurance companies.  After the 15th of August, most insurers, particularly Unum Group will begin to find new claim targets to manipulate and plan for terminations.

If you begin to receive increased requests for information, notice surveillance, are notified by your physicians that insurers are harassing for patient records, receive field visit requests etc., your claim is on the target list for third-quarter profitability results.

Unum’s “hungry vulture” will be looking for vulnerable claims and will be engaging in unfair practices such as alleging physical impairments are mental and nervous limited to 24 months. Other insurers such as The Hartford, Reliance Standard, Lincoln National, Liberty Mutual, CIGNA, Aetna etc. generally engage in the same practices.

Insurers will be asking for increased Independent Medical Evaluations while they still have time to get the results back by the end of September.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your claim if you notice increased requests that should be managed to avoid the “hungry vulture” for third quarter!

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Success strategyIt’s about that time of year when I traditionally post an update of DCS, Inc. and how well the business performed. 2015 has been a very successful year in terms of providing assistance to insureds and claimants; we hope to continue to maintain that level of performance in the coming year.

The company held on to its 98% success rate in managing 101 clients’ claims across the board for all major US insurance companies, Canada, and Unum UK. Despite Unum and the Maine AG, DCS, Inc. held on to its position of providing expert claims assistance and actually made a few gains in the painfully expensive legal process. Thank you to the attorneys, insureds and clients who rendered supportive statements and affidavits on my behalf. It was greatly appreciated.

Lindanee’s blog remains very popular with a total of 740,316 total reads. I’m very happy to see that insureds and claimants visit and read my articles because the intended purpose is to educate and inform those who have private disability policies and plans. It appears from other feedback I’ve received from phone calls and emails that insureds find the blog helpful to them in managing their own claims. Others are happy to become DCS clients and benefit from additional resources available to them.

The blog consists of 1,258 articles (posts) in 98 categories. I’m very surprised and respectful of those who tell me, “I stayed up all night reading your articles. Amazing!” Reading that many articles is a challenge….There are 1,329 comments to prior posts and well over 206 permanent blog followers. Thank you for such support and attention.

The most popular article on the blog is, “So How Does Unum Deny Claims?…..” This one article is viewed at least 10 times per day, every day.

Lindanee’s blog is read by insureds, attorneys, agents/brokers, financial planners, and of course the insurance industry. All are welcome, and I’m very pleased that claims handlers continue to visit and read what for them is “the other side of the fence.” Some articles are deliberately intended for insurance defense attorneys who are complicit in the unfair claims investigation process and I welcome them too. I’m also sure that insurance investigators visit the blog since an advocate counterpart in the UK reports Unum’s presumed investigators visit her website more than 50 times per day.

NCDI_Logo_colorThe National Coalition of Disability Insureds (NCDI) is still available to those who desire a collective forum to change federal and state laws. NCDI is a non-profit corporation dedicated to expressing opinions as a coalition to federal and state authorities to change the corrupt process of disability claim review.

Although Americans tend more toward fear of joining “coalitions” to better their own situations, I’ve kept the corporation active “just in case.” In 2015 NCDI was successful in obtaining information from the Social Security Administration concerning Unum’s connection, influence and authority to use its own authorization form. In 2015, I was a “coalition” of one making the process better one claim at time.

In 2016 I will be reviewing Unum UK employer policies and will be writing a series of articles informing claimants in the UK as to what their policies mean and how adverse they are. Upon first inspection, it appears Unum UK employer policies also contain adverse provisions that may not be well understood in Britain. This is likely to be a sizable project.

In 2015 I actually began the book I’ve been planning for many years. The book is a detailed instruction manual of making application for, and managing group ERISA claims. Topics will also include information regarding “risk management” and insurance settlements. I hope to finish the book sometime in 2016 and have it published by the end of the year.

DCS welcomes new clients and I look forward to another successful year. I estimate that DCS (in the last 13 years) assisted well over 2,500 clients, and helped to keep well in excess of 50 M in claim financial reserve nationwide.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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Notices and Reminders

Contact your attorney for help.

DCS is receiving calls again from insureds and claimants who already have attorneys. Although I’ve previously written briefly about my policy regarding this please let me remind blog readers that I do not provide proprietary information, nor do I bring on new clients when there is an attorney already involved in any disability claim.

Apparently there are some individuals who try to solicit information from me to provide to attorneys who do not know how to manage claims. While I am willing to assist any attorney who contacts me I do not feel it is ethical to provide insureds with information when they should be obtaining advice from their attorneys.

Insureds have a choice whether to retain attorneys, consultants or others to assist, but once that decision is made the retained individuals should remain major sources of information for those who hire them.

Please keep this in mind when you contact me.

I can’t review volumes of paperwork if you are not a client.

In addition to phone calls I’m also receiving multiple email attachments from those who are not clients with requests for me to review and advise. My time is devoted to my clients and those who retain me as their consultant.

Although I read some of the emails on a case by case basis, I do not have unlimited hours to read extensive case history emails and multiple attachments from those who are not clients. If you feel you need consultative assistance, please feel free to contact me by phone.

However, if you are asking me to review extensive information and provide answers by email, I can’t do that without taking time away from those who actually hire me. I’m sure you understand when I say that my time is devoted, and rightfully so, to those who actually retain me as their consultant.

If you have a specific question, please send just the question to me and I will try to answer it on a Friday Q & A

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