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In the last few months I’ve received many calls from insureds/claimants who are attempting to manage their claims on their own. During the course of our conversations it becomes evident that, due to lack of information, they may have set themselves up for denied claims. Hence their calls to me when the bell begins to drop from the tower.

Insureds describe how they’ve been having verbal conversations with their reps, asking insurers for advice on what to do, writing long letters to the claims handlers, trusting information given to them, have not read their Plans or policies, and in general, describe how well their claims have gone, until they are about to be denied.

I also know that those who read my posts sometimes tell me how fearful my articles cause them to be. At the same time, I am contacted by many insureds for advice, (even when they have attorneys), because they know I provide accurate information and won’t just tell them what I think they want to hear.

“Information” is the most valuable tool insureds have to protect themselves from a complex, deceptive, adverse private disability system that provides no long-term financial security when they need it.

Please think about this! Before you even open the cover of your policies, these documents are adverse to you. You don’t have to file a claim, you don’t have to do anything, and yet, most people are totally unaware that benefits provided are subject to “conditions” that must be met, and insurers are permitted to use their discretion whether or not to pay you. You don’t have to DO anything and yet your policies are already working against you.

Imagine what could happen when you DO actually file a claim and attempt to move through the process. Today more than ever, insureds/claimants need to know how the process works and what to do, and not do, when filing claims and moving through the process.

There are over 1,300 articles on this blog containing valuable information insureds need to know. It occurred to me recently, after another very painful call from an insured, how limited in scope Lindanee’s Blog really is.

Therefore, I’m asking the 800 or so people who read this blog everyday to share Lindanee’s Blog with others particularly those who may have need to file claims in the future. This is not an attempt on my part to solicit more business, but rather to “get the information out there” to those who need it, before they begin working against themselves and handing insurers their claims on a silver platter.

I have no stake in the ground as people do on YouTube videos. This blog isn’t monetized, and I don’t have to compete with “Subscriptions, Likes” or “thumb’s up” to get higher ratings. My only concern is getting information out to the public to prevent them from making mistake upon mistake that won’t get them a successful claim.

Therefore, I’m asking my readers to let others know where the resources are and how important information and knowledge is with managing a disability claim before it’s too late. I know my posts are uploaded to CFS/ME and FMS chat groups and websites. Please help if you have a resource my information can be referenced on.

The information contained here on Lindanee’s Blog is free and available to everyone.

A word of caution to DCS clients who sign confidentiality statements with me. DCS, Inc’s proprietary information cannot be posted or shared without my permission, but you certainly can direct others to this blog.

Thank you.





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Daily Buzz

“Cash not Care”

DCS, Inc. received multiple inquiries about Mo Stewart’s book “Cash Not Care”. As a well-known researcher from Great Britain, Mo Stewart’s book exposes Unum’s role in denying disability welfare to British citizens causing as much mayhem in Great Britain as in the United States.

According to Mo, her book  “is for sale on Amazon and various sources in the US.”

This is the Amazon link in the US.  It may be easier to type ‘Amazon books US: Mo Stewart’, which brings up the link.


Mo also says, “If your readers want to see some reviews about the book they can see them online via Amazon books UK.  Again, it may be easier to type in ‘Amazon books UK: Mo Stewart’, which brings up the link and all the customer reviews of the book.”




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This past week DCS, Inc. received several calls from avid readers of the Blog requesting assistance. Unfortunately, after talking with them I discovered their claims had recently been denied.

One of the most frequent topics I address on Lindanee’s Blog is the need for prevention of denials rather than having to deal with the risk of an appeal after the fact. DCS, Inc. is entirely about preemptive action and prevention of denials. This is not to say that I guarantee successful claims, but it does mean that having a claims expert on board to assist, particularly someone with direct claims experience does make a difference.

Once an ERISA or IDI private disability claim is denied insureds basically have two choices: 1) do the appeal yourself, which I do not recommend, or 2) attempt to find an experienced attorney who is willing to take your case – a very expensive option.

There are many things that can be done to place medical, occupational, and financial information in Administrative Records (ERISA), or claim files (IDI) that support disability. I can’t tell you all of them here because this information is proprietary to me and DCS, Inc. and represents a total strategy that consistently produces a 98% success rate.

Please give some thought to the benefit of assistance vs. claim denial. I would like to help, but you really need to contact me before your claim is denied, not after.


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Just a quick note to inform those receiving Residual benefits for self employment that Unum is apparently contacting Dun & Bradstreet to obtain business credit reports. This reminds me of the phrase, “Leave no stone unturned” when it comes to investigating insured-owned businesses.

The most recent inquiry I found out about was made by Unum who is currently investigating pre vs. post occupational duties. According to my conversation with a representative from Dun & Bradstreet this morning the company provides data of a business nature only.  The D&B is the #1 leader in providing business information to over 285 million businesses. Online marketing describes the company’s purpose with the phrase, “enabling correct associations”, whatever that means.

I asked the representative “What other information do you provide? Do you accumulate private information about individuals?” The answer was, “No, we only provide information about businesses” Theoretically classified as a credit agency, D&B is yet another source of information for Unum “to spend time investigating.”

The scope of investigation for disability claims is overwhelming. A few years ago I discovered that Guardian checks the FBI’s most wanted list every day. Can you imagine anyone on the FBI’s most wanted list filing a disability claim? Sometimes you just have to use common sense.

Please be aware that for some claims, investigations reach out to Dun & Bradstreet for information regarding businesses and self-employment.


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Daily Buzz – Unum

Who am I talking to anyway?

Insureds and claimants report seeing different numbers showing up on their phones for verbal “interviews.” Although most Unum insureds are used to seeing the Maine area code of 207, area codes such as 617 and others are coming up on caller IDs. My guess is that Unum is once again outsourcing administrative work to other companies and agencies. DCS, Inc. recommends that all communications should be in writing anyway, therefore there is no need to be “watching the phone” to find out if Unum is calling.

This is even more important today when Unum’s reps are looking for more reasons to deny claims. Today, claimants are probably unaware who is on the other line, particularly if it happens to be a HUB investigator. if you request all communications in writing, you’ll always know who you’re talking to!


Speaking of phone calls….Unum insureds are receiving phone calls from GENEX, a company with a long on again, off again relationship with Unum. A decade ago, Unum used GENEX to assist claimants in obtaining SSDI, but also to conduct interviews, any occupation investigations and triage claim reviews. At the time it was surmised that GENEX was a fully owned subsidiary until regulators pointed out the conflict of interest.

It’s interesting to me that since then, the actual relationship of GENEX and Unum remains a mystery. Although attorneys tried to “follow the money” in order to discredit the company, it’s still not very clear who pays what company for which service.

Claimants are reporting to me that GENEX is selling its services to aid in the application of SSDI as a mandatory service offered by Unum. GENEX’ involvement in the SSDI application process is not sold by the company as an option or choice, but as a mandatory service. Cold calls from GENEX take claimants by surprise, and again they may find themselves buying into the service without realizing what they are getting in to.

No claimant is required to use GENEX in the SSDI application process, but you wouldn’t really know it. Claimants report multiple problems with GENEX to include, no attorney involvement, lack of communication, long application wait times, and general “bungling” of applications. DCS, Inc. doesn’t recommend GENEX at all since the company doesn’t really represent you, but Unum. What GENEX knows, Unum knows. Those who wish to keep their SSDI information private shouldn’t consider using GENEX at all.

It’s also my understanding that GENEX reviews Unum’s disability claims and is involved with providing other services in addition to SSDI assistance. Getting a cold call from GENEX is also a scary thing for those who may not know who the company  is.

DCS, Inc. recommends local, specialized SSDI attorneys who have knowledge of, and have worked with, county administrative SSDI judges in the state. There is no requirement that any claimant must use GENEX services, and “no”, you need not take their calls.

At one time Unum actually told claimants they would not allow a reduction of the 25% attorney fee in repayment calculations unless GENEX was used – an unfair and discriminative trade practice. To my knowledge Unum no longer does that, and claimants can choose who they want to represent them.

I recommend local experienced attorneys who represent YOU, not an outside third-party looking to benefit from an offset.

By the way, I don’t recommend ANY outside third-party for SSDI assistance. This includes Allsup and Advocator Group.


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Landmark 1 Million Reads Reached

For those who may or may not be watching, Lindanee’s Blog recorded over 1 M reads in the last few days. I only found out today because of the storm we had in Maine this past Monday. We lost power, phone and Internet for several days.

Thank you to all of my readers who made this tremendous achievement possible. Based on the feedback I’ve received over the years the articles have been extremely helpful and informative for those of you with disability claims.

I am looking forward to the many articles yet to be written in the future. If I’ve helped one person or family with a successful claim I’ve fulfilled my objectives.

I know that for many of you who are trying to manage your disability claims on your own it has been quite a struggle. Thanks again for staying with me over the years and providing tremendous feedback!


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Although you won’t find many attorneys publicizing their stats, DCS, Inc. does so on a regular basis. I am always happy to share the successes DCS, Inc. has in managing private disability claims.

Currently, there are 970,441 reads on Lindanee’s Blog and I’m  very excited since it looks like the Blog will go over 1M by the end of the year. The Blog is a great success and provides disability claim insurance to those who manage their disability claims on their own.

Readership consists of claimants, insureds, attorneys, insurance companies and their outsourced facilities, treating physicians, British Unum insureds, and other medical healthcare providers, insurance “snoop” investigators (potential hackers), insurance claims handlers, state insurance departments and many others. I have a wide readership from not only those who need information to manage claims, but those professionals such as attorneys, who are looking for information they don’t have.

Lindanee’s Blog offers 1,682 article posts in 120 categories. The Blog receives from 350-800 reads per day, the highest being 970 in one day. The Blog has 208 subscribed followers. Clients continue to receive a monthly newsletter containing private information not otherwise published on the Blog.

My consulting practice continually shows a 98% success rate increasing on occasion to 99% overall. This breaks down to 100% success for initial applications. Currently, I have 101 clients who are receiving benefits on a regular basis. These clients receive assistance for requested updates, form completion, administrative services and consulting advice.

Since January 10 clients chose to resolve their claims through settlement using expert attorneys I referred them to. DCS, Inc. assists clients with over 20M in financial reserve. We continue to charge a yearly fixed fee, and do not engage in expensive back/forward fee structures that are particularly costly to the ERISA folks.

DCS, Inc. is a proactive and pre-emptive company. Insureds and claimants generally want to continue to receive benefits, and DCS, Inc.’s objectives are to assist clients with claim management to do exactly that. Although there can never be a guarantee of benefit approval, DCS, Inc. relies on my expert claim field experience to provide much-needed knowledgeable assistance.

It doesn’t make much sense to wait until your insurance company denies your claim before seeking assistance, this time from an attorney charging back/and forward fees. Once claims are denied it is far too late to avoid the expensive process of litigation that may take years.

Overall, DCS, Inc. and Lindanee’s Blog is a highly successful company for the benefit of insureds and claimants with private disability insurance. Our statistics indicating a 98% success rate clearly marks the difference between a claims expert and waiting for claims to be denied.

July 2017 was a very successful month. Please feel free to give me a call if you wish more information concerning DCS, Inc. and services offered to insureds. The company is doing very well.

Comment Note:

The most common impairments managed by DCS, Inc. include failed back/neck surgery, chronic back pain, chronic pain, cognitive and mental vs. physical issues. FMS/CFS, POTS, RSD, MS and HIV. Therefore, DCS, Inc. statistics are not derived from ” easy terminal” claims such as cancer or Stage IV cardiac issues.

It takes some expertise to manage the types of claims accepted in my client block.



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